Dangerous Jobs for Students

While attending college, students are often forced to take any type of part-time work they can find. Many students end up doing a job many would consider dangerous.

Easy part-time jobs can be dangerous by the fact that it forces an employee to work late or in situations where surroundings can get uncomfortable.

Nick Morgan, a cashier for a local convenient store, has worked for 2 years as an employee for a store that specializes in tobacco products.

“Working with people, I meet all kinds of characters,” Morgan said. “Some people do make me feel more uncomfortable than others. Our store has been robbed before so that is always in the back of my mind.”

Morgan keeps himself safe by constantly “dropping the cash drawer”.

Eric Burkes, the manager of Papa John’s in Florence, has worked as a delivery man for about 15 years.

“I have never been robbed, but I know of other employees that have,” Burkes said.

“It’s scary to think about.”

Burkes said that he usually follows his intuition when it comes to delivering in a dangerous area.

“Sometimes we have to meet customers in a random location because they live out of delivery district,” he said. “Drivers know which areas are safe and which ones to show caution in.”

Burkes encourages employees to never carry more than $20 on themselves to help them feel safer while making deliveries.

Katlynn Hall, a bartender at a local restaurant said she can feel uneasy at times.

“It can be a little freaky leaving a restaurant at 2 a.m. because people have stayed so long to drink,” Hall said. “I feel scared sometimes walking to my car since it is late and I am carrying cash from my tips.”

“Seeing people become intoxicated right in front of my eyes can sometimes be unsettling,” Hall said. “I have to constantly watch customers to keep them from crossing that line where they can become a danger to themselves or others.”

Hall feels safer by having someone walk her to her car if she is working nights until close.

“People might think it’s silly, but it helps me feel safe,” Hall said.

College is expensive so sometimes getting a part-time job is necessary. Students should exercise caution while working any job that puts them in uncomfortable situations. 

Expressing concern to managers is one way to find out what your employer will do to help you feel satisfied in their work environment.


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